Electrical drill machine& nail drill bits for teaching using.

Here we are, Easywell courses of nail art section---drill bits&nail remove kits.

Based on the experience of nail training, many salons nail techs eager to get the fastest way of removing nail gels, the point is selecting the right perfect drill bits (big coarseness is not advised for beginners) and practice more with the tips in mind. Then you only need one day of learning and practice with 3-5 hands to get a pretty good performance.

The below set is great for salons who are just starting to use e-file and bits for customers, so basic combo has: model M, XF and a diamond bits for polishing nail surface. This set is already good for all needs of manicure.

  1. M coarseness drill bit (M is perfect for removal of photo therapy nails, extensions, nails with complicated designs, need rotation speed to be 3000-20000 rpm)
  2. XF coarseness drill bit (XF is perfect for removal of solid color nails and simple styles. It is great for beginners who are not very good at it. Also for those customers come to your salon for the first time)
  3. Diamond bits ( this is for uneven nail surface trimming and polishing)
  4. drill bit for taking off diamond decorations (be used to remove the large decoration after polishing and pushing the nail edges.)
  5. the nail brush( be used for cleaning dust in nail bits)



&Pre-processing polishing bits Set

  1. Open pocket nail drill bits (used to open the small pocket in the first step for pre-processing of manicure)
  2. Vertical wall nail drill bits (used in the second step of pre-processing  for manicure to polish the back edge of the nail)
  3. Exfoliating nail drill bits (used for grinding and removing crusty old skin and thick cuticle on both sides of nails
  4. Open pocket tip (used for special finger skin opening and deep exfoliation)
  5. Small spaceship nail drill bits (used for pre-processing advanced trailing edge arc grinding to make a fine trailing edge arc)
  6. Silky ball nail drill bits (used for the skin around the silky nails to prevent barbs
  7. Cleaning brush (used to clean the dust and dirt in the cracks of the finger skin)

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