How often is it good for you to do a nail art?

You always have a question pops up in your head: How often is it good for you to do a nail art? Will it hurt my nail and body? Easywell brings you the answer here today!

For normal nails:

The growth cycle of nails is normally 0.1mm per day on average. Healthy and complete nails are usually trimmed every 7-11 days, and it is recommended that they need to be trimmed within 3 weeks at least. Because the nail you will trim is newly grew, healthy and complete nails will not have a big impact on whether there is a gap between two manicures (provided that they are professionally done). Daily, you can take care of your nails, apply nutrient solution, etc. to maintain your nails.

For nails under abnormal conditions:

It takes about 100 days for a new nail to grow from the root of the nail to a completely normal shape after the nail is injured and falls off or is removed due to other special circumstances. Therefore, if your nails are damaged or broken, it is best to do the manicure after 30 days; if your nails are severely removed, you need to stay for 100 days. However, the correct trimming and care play an important role in repairing nails. You can also go to the nail salon to do the correct trim and care.

Are there any difference between different seasons when doing nail art?

In summertime, the skin needs faster heat dissipation to balance the body temperature. Wearing fake nails for a long time will increase the pressure on the nail skin. Therefore, it is best not to make full-tie nails in summer. If you do, it is only recommended to do half-tie nails. And it should be removed within 3 weeks, so that the nails have a breathe-time. But other types of non-fake nails have no effect in summer and can be done. And in non-hot seasons, there is a little difference if you use full-fit nails or not!

So guys, there is no way to say that there is harm or not in general, but to target different nail conditions, under certain premises! For healthy and normal nails, the length of time between manicures has no effect.

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