You will earn a lot from these manicure tips! (part 1)

  1. Before you paint nails, applyingVaseline or other moisturizing product around your nails.


  1. When you deal with the base coat, remember painting the top half of the nails firstly, then apply on full surface of nail. It will make the effect of the fingertip’s polish last longer.


  1. It is better to apply one layer of white color gel base, it will make other colors on looks more obvious and vivid.


  1. Before you do the gel polish, applyinga layer of removable type base coat, then you will find that is way more easier to do gel remove.


  1. Be careful not to shake your nail gel polish too hard, that will bring some bubbles very easily!


6.If you can not open the long time stored gel polish, just turn it upside down in the warm water, then untwisting it can be done easily.


7.Making it a habit to clean up around the top of the bottle every time you use your gel polish, or dab on a little Vaseline. Then you can always open it easily.


  1. Little clips will be your weapon to paint cute dots and make great manicure, even if you are a green hand for nail art.


  1. And nail stickers are really great, if you a newbie, why not give it a try?


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