• How often is it good for you to do a nail art?

    You always have a question pops up in your head: How often is it good for you to do a nail art? Will it hurt my nail and body? Easywell brings you the answer here today!
  • Electrical drill machine& nail drill bits for teaching using.

    Here we are, Easywell courses of nail art section---drill bits&nail remove kits. Based on the experience of nail training, many salons nail tec...
  • There are so many nail files, do you really know how to use it?

    Today, i have sorted out the uses and usage methods of various nail files for you.

    After trimming the dead skin of our nails, is it about to start polishing the nails shape?

  • All kinds of funny nails

    Recently, many customers have asked us if we have any fun fake nails and nail gel polishes. Therefore, today easywell specially collected about 20 ...
  • Precious and advanced! Amber nails make you so stunning!

        Amber and brown are always the first choices in autumn and winter seasons,  amber is a kind of orange-brown tones, but it has dark and light to...
  • You will earn a lot from these manicure tips! (part 2)

      Putting your nails with base coat on, then dippingyour nails into a sequined container, just making your nails 3D effect well dressed right away...
  • You will earn a lot from these manicure tips! (part 1)

    Before you paint nails, applyingVaseline or other moisturizing product around your nails.   When you deal with the base coat, remember paintin...
  • Why you need to polish the nails? Will it make your nails too thin?

    "A lot of people think that making perfect nails will make the nails thinner. Maybe they don't quite understand why they have to polish the surface of the nails before applying the gel polish. Can they just skip that step but apply the polish directly? Actually, the nail tech needs to polish it properly. Because there are some uneven and oily lines on the surface, polishing it is for improving the adhesion of the nail polish, so polish won’t be fell off easily.”——nail file
  • You must not know the knowledge of nail art!

    More and more people start to choose phototherapy manicure, but it is difficult for beginners to do this type, so there will be many questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that EASYWELL has compiled for everyone. Let's work together to improve the nail technology!