You must not know the knowledge of nail art!

More and more people start to choose phototherapy manicure, but it is difficult for beginners to do this type, so there will be many questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that EASYWELL has compiled for everyone. Let's work together to improve the nail technology!


Q1: How long will the light therapy gel polish be stored?

A: The photo therapy gel polish has a shelf life same as basic gel. Although there is no strict rules for shelf life, the quality will deteriorate with the passing of time after you open it, also it is easy for bubbles to get in the photo therapy gel. Commonly, the shelf life is about 2 to 3 years.


Q2: How to preserve phototherapy nail gel polish?

A: After you using it, you need to wipe the mouth and cap of the bottle, with a cotton cloth that is soaked with polish remover. the After using the phototherapy nail polish, then tighten the cap to store it. Be careful do not lay it horizontally but in a horizontal position. A cool and dark place is the best.


Q3: Why do we need to do preparations?

A: The prepare steps before applying the gel polish will affect the effect you get directly. If you want to make a long-lasting shape, you must go through the correct process.


Q4: What is the best level of polishing you need?

A: The function of sanding is mainly to create small marks on the surface of the nails. It is a must first step to make the gel polish fit perfectly with the nail surface. If you polish it too hard, you will get way more smooth instead. So the best you can do is grinding the surface to fine effect, if you can not see the gloss of nail will be already enough for you.


Q5: Do i have to use the 100% same brand for both base coat, top coat and gel polish?

A: Using the same brand is strongly suggested even if there is no strict rules for this, because the curing time needed for each brand's product is different. If your gel isn’t from same brand, same supplier, it may bring you trouble of doing perfect nail art, and the gloss effect will be greatly effected. But there are also general-purpose gel polishes. Oil glue and sealing layer are still very practical for multi-brand in a business.


Q6: What is the difference between UV lamp and LED lamp?

A: UV lamp uses ultraviolet rays for irradiation, LED uses light instead for irradiation and curing. Even if the curing time varies due to different polish products, but generally the UV lamp (36W) can be operated between 2~3 Minutes, LED curing time is about 30~60 seconds, but what is important is: the general phototherapy gel polishes are cured with UV lamps, but some of them can not be cured with LED lamps.


Q7: Why do I feel pain when irradiated to harden?

A: In the process of irradiating the hardened nail polish, the phenomenon of hardening heat sometimes occurs. Because the nails argue, you may feel heat and pain after applying the nail polish. If this happens, remove your hands from the lamp first. Take it out, wait until the pain disappears, and then put it in a lamp to continue to irradiate and harden.


Q8: Nail polish always peels off quickly after manicure, how can I prevent it?

A: Carefully follow the steps of polishing, processing dead skin, and removing dust in the preparation work. When applying the nail polish, do not miss the sides and edge positions. At the same time, be careful not to apply the nail polish to the stratum corneum area, otherwise The nail polish will also rise and peel off easily.

Q9: What should I do if the nail polish is blurred and dull?

A: Generally speaking, the biggest reason is that the incompletely hardened nail polish has not been wiped clean. After irradiation and hardening, use a cotton pad or cloth towel soaked in nail polish diluent to wipe off the incompletely hardened part. When you need to replace a clean cotton pad or cloth towel.


Q10: How to prevent bubbles from entering the nail polish?

A: One of the reasons for the entry of bubbles is that the brush head is agitated too much in the nail polish. Because the nail polish has the characteristics of flowing and smoothing by itself, there is no need to stir too much with the brush head. The nail polish will be very agitated. It is easy for air to enter the nail polish to form bubbles. Be sure to use light and slow movements when stirring.


Q11: What should I do if there is a mistake in the styling of the nail art?

A: When using phototherapy nail polish, even if the styling fails, you can freely modify it as long as it is irradiated in the lamp for hardening. Finish the manicure in one step, and irradiate and harden it every time you finish it. Follow the steps step by step!

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