You will earn a lot from these manicure tips! (part 2)


  1. Putting your nails with base coat on, then dippingyour nails into a sequined container, just making your nails 3D effect well dressed right away!

  1. Nail art tools are always a must for you, using that to become a great master instead of frowning at the small pits.

  1. Builder gelis also a great helper, getting that tomake creative geometric nails.

  1. There is no need to question your eyes, justthe rubber band can help you dothe perfect French nail!


14.Mixed transparent gel polish perfectly customize your gorgeous colors.


15.Hey Girls, dropping a few colors you love into a clean cup, then put your nails into it for an easily, casual and beautiful manicure.


  1. You may find that it is too hard to remove the type of complicated bling gel on nails, they can not be took off only with regular common remover  So try using tinfoil to wrap the nails with cotton pads, then soak them for a while!

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